Present "memy country"the shower room of a good life

        As a National Day gift film, the theme film "me and my country" grossed more than 2.4 billion at 0000 on October 11. As of that day, the box office of the film was still at the top of the box office, before it took only nine days to break through 2.3 billion, compared with "Wolf Warriors 2," which is the top box office in China, only five hours away.

        Under the grand theme of "me and my motherland", the seriousness and stereotype of narration take the stable characters of big events, unknown small potatoes or ordinary people as the protagonists, leading to the related historical moments, and personal opportunities are closely related to the development of the country. Through a small part to see the whole, highlight the "I" to suck "my" these two themes, focus on the people, in-depth life, so that the film closer to life, more approachable, so that the audience also has a more sense of substitution. This is one of the reasons why the film is so well received.

        The protagonist of the story is an engineer and a scientific researcher. He is a child, a soldier, a driver, a rebellious teenager, and a pilot. They are no different from thousands of us, and thousands of such us come together to create every detail of the important moment of the motherland. Personal names in front of the country desalinated, led by China, the important thing is my motherland, and we, just call ourselves the Chinese, it is enough pride!