Meerjia shower room for you, how to clean the shower roomthe middle of summer
         After Greater Heat, when the hot sun is just, the warm silk room in summer does not dissipate, so the frequency of use of the shower room is still high, the family often waits for the shower at night, the wet bathroom space in the closed environment is easy to breed bacteria and stains, causing discomfort. Therefore, in order to be healthy, timely cleaning is particularly important, so how to clean and maintain the shower room at home? German umbrella shower room for you

         In the middle of summer, many people like to use soap in the shower, it is inevitable that the soap after the water and glass contact, over time, there will be a layer of soapy dirt on the glass, especially difficult to clean, for this stain, you can first rinse with warm water to dissolve the soap, and then gently clean it with a brush.

         After many people install shower room at home, the glass will be covered with watermarks in the process of shower. After washing with water, the glass will show water marks. At this time, you can use spray glass cleaning agent to clean the glass, spray an X shape on the glass surface, and then wipe the glass in the same direction with a dry rag.